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Thought I was a stone
Turns out I was a board
On some sinking ship far from the shore
I let the waves carry me away
Tear me apart and take me to some distance place
Where I often dream that I'm floating through space
Where I know who I am and leaving no trace of who I was
Or who I thought I could be
I sit back, relax, and let the current carry me
As the strings that I pull softly lull me to sleep

And when the sun goes down
I will chase myself in dreams
Wondering when I’ll be found
And that will happen over again and again
Until I find myself
It never ends

Thought I was stoned
It turns out I was bored with
Every sinking feeling
That clings to this chord
So I made a promise
To try and get better
I wrote these words
On the back if a letter that says:
"Seems like yesterday the chill was hanging our breath in the air
Yet today I saw the sun drying your hair
We are more than dotted lines in maps
Picture perfect reality ever avoiding traps"

I thought I’d have more time, I thought I’d have more time
I thought I’d have more time to reawaken and realize
I thought I’d have more time to rearrange the lines

Seven years ago a separate set of cells
Walked through these same hallways
To a different hell
But now I hear a ringing as clear as a bell
It's chiming in to say that all is well
It’s love! It’s love! It’s love!
It’s always been love
That binds our existence
Below and above
Though we think we’re whole
We live in fragments, memory’s shattered hopes
And though we think we’re souls
We’re more like patterns but much finer sewn
(And I took a look inside myself, to find that I was someone else)


from Happy Belated Earth Day, released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Tir Asleen Calhoun, Georgia

Five noble knights from a far away land on a sacred quest to bring the noise.

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