Running Strong

by Tir Asleen

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Written and recorded in the summer of 2010.


released November 19, 2010

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Webb of Nightowl Recording Studio:

Special thanks to Micah Osbourne

Dedicated to the memory of our kitty, Nacho, who was with us while we wrote these songs but sadly never got to hear them recorded.

Additional vocals on "Vinyl Paradise" by J. Webb and @BroganBrozaway



all rights reserved


Tir Asleen Calhoun, Georgia

Five noble knights from a far away land on a sacred quest to bring the noise.

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Track Name: This Place Is Mountains
/As the miles add up I still think of how I should never think of you/But I do/Now there's nothing but the future ahead of me/It could have been yours/But oh well/I don't need love/I don't need anything/Why would I want another excuse just run away?/I don't need you or anything you offer me/You're just another part of my fantasy/The aches and pains of every day seem to be eating me away/Now the holes in my brain show where something golden used to be/(Take it all away; Empty out my lungs)/And no matter how hard I grasp there is no breath I can catch/I scream until my lungs are as empty as the day we did part like a sea/You from me/And in that water we found we were nothing more than Shells of what we used to be/I'm a man made of kisses/Holy and Unholy/But nothing gets through me/I just let it sink deep/Deep where you used to be/
Track Name: Damn Dirty Apes
/Man looks up at the clouds and thinks about how he's dressed/Says, "Why do I care if you're all impressed?"/He looks to his dear/She's covered in sky/The question she ask, "Why?"/Apes in suits crack their whips on the backs of the mammals they oppress and Line their cages with resumes/Apes in suits pull the reins of lesser men covered in chains/Does this sentiment resonate?/Been runnin' strong six billion years why the sudden need to walk upright?/Been runnin' strong one million years why the sudden need for cogs and gears?/Been runnin' strong ten thousand years why the sudden need for a god and his fears?/Been runnin strong, been runnin'/Oh my dear, I hear you've been asking about the shape of my spine/I hear it's as if the wind has just been calling name/Oh my dear, I hear you didn't know that we crawled from the sea/I see where you've been building a monument to me/Oh my dear, watch as these answers fall from the trees/Oh my dear, watch as more questions wash up from the sea/Oh my dear, you look like a statue but life is no stone/It's a body that's withering/Withering all away/
Track Name: Castle Greyskull
/These days I'm moving on to more impressive plagues than watching skeletons clean their plates/These days the only promises I'm breaking/Are to myself because too many/Too many times I stuck my neck out and got wringed for it/Each futile breath is sad yet comedic like a man with no arms trying to "X" out a black act from his past/I'm a self manipulating set of tissues and impulses showing off the deepest part of myself for cheap tricks/But I love every second/You're damn right I love every second of this/And I'll learn to relish it like a terminal patient in a sunset/Half heart/Burnt Brain/Too many/Too many times I stuck my neck out and got wringed for it/(This jaded life is the same ol' and I've been waiting on the night's call)/
Track Name: Johnny Hammerlungs
/Feels like I am spending all my best moments underwater and the time I could spend not being me, I think why even bother/Cause tough guy walk and that tough guy talk well that don't mean shit here/Cause I don't know the devil and I can't find god so it's me you better fear/I feel sharp eyes in the back of my head/I feel harsh words burning to be said and I might just stop breathing but you know I won't stop living/If you're alive, prove it/
Track Name: Vinyl Paradise
/Stuff your brains into the tape deck/Sign your name onto the blank check/Show them you are here/You exist/Soundwaves wet with golden paint/Tortured teens touch themselves to the song of a cardboard saint/Remove the heads/Sugar coat their throats/Record deal knives exchanges hands from sleeves of corporate coats/We watch our lives in little boxes/Go to work and check our watches/Everyone screams, "Revolution!" but no one offers me a solution/They scream our names and carry their torches/Fire off their guns from crooked porches/I can't understand the words with the film on mute/Radio towers twist together like double helixes with extra chart topping chromosomes/I hear the cry leak out like an oil spill in a vinyl paradise but what was lost/Tell me what was lost/For every album that you sell may you squirm in an earthly hell/For every dollar you make another ounce of dirt on your grave