Not The B​-​Sides

by Tir Asleen

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Tracks from previous splits and compilations and unreleased noise.

"Wendy Clear" originally appears on the Enjoyment Records compilation I Guess This Is Growing Up alongside Dads, Lions, Slingshot Dakota and more. (

"Viva Pangea" originally appears on the Delayed Gratification and Tightwolf Records split PSST! alongside Pride and Ego Down, SRVVLST, and Spooky Action Space Captain. (


released June 3, 2016

Artwork by the ever talented Jack Currey

"Wendy Clear," "Viva Pangea," and "Tocks" recorded, produced, mixed, & mastered by Jeremy Webb of Nightowl Studio in March of 2014

"Rolodex Propaganda" recorded, produced, mixed, & mastered by Jeremy Webb of Nightowl Studio in December of 2015

"Heavy For Half a Guy" recorded live by Javan Irving at Little Room in Florida in March of 2012. (



all rights reserved


Tir Asleen Calhoun, Georgia

Five noble knights from a far away land on a sacred quest to bring the noise.

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Track Name: Viva Pangea
Split my tongue in two with an axe
So I can speak both versions of the truth
And you won't have to ask
What kind of heart do I carry for the tune
Inside of my grinding music box?

Empty nagging thoughts
The source of my erosion
Seem to disappear with these exhaling motions

All my nasty habits
The cause of my corrosion
Seem to be my way of coping
With so much commotion

Someday they will display your idea of freedom in the wing of a museum
Which position will you be frozen in?
How far did you ride before other people's choices caught up with yours?

I'm trying to have hope for this human race
But I don't think we deserve it
I'm trying to smile if only for myself
But I don't think that I've earned it
I'm sleeping through earthquakes
And waking to the dropping of pins
If god was ever in us
We drowned him in our sins
Beneath a sea of our vices
The universe once sang a song together
But I forgot my words

I forgot that I pull threads that lead to nowhere
I spoke to trees and followed streams that flowed there
To make believe maybe I'd escape
But there are still these phrases I can not translate
Track Name: Tocks
We are so concerned with starting pits
Whatever happened to starting revolutions?
We need to open our eyes
And swallow fear like bad medicine
Pull out the splinter
Pull out the wedge between you and your brother
Stop fighting for the warm spot at the bottom of the barrel

Suddenly, a younger version of me
Appeared out of the mist
So in the name of charity
I spared a kind fist
To hush a harsh word I once screamed in sincerity
Quiet your forked tongue
If you need change empty your pockets
If you want war get out of bed
We are each a casualty
Calculated consumer means without end
Live like there's something worth dying for
Die like you know where you're going
Even when you don't
Track Name: Heavy For Half A Guy (Live)
It gets hard to face the days / To carve out shapes from the rain or dive down on the rocks for reasons you can’t explain / I’m mute, I’m dumb / Finger and thumb, my flesh is a gun so tie me up / So I don’t hurt myself or hurt anyone else while watching and waiting my eyes roll like dice / I run, crack my chest like my heart’s in a vice / My rough hands touch smooth skin but couldn’t take your advice / I tried to speak of love but I am mute, I’m dumb / Finger and thumb, my flesh is a gun so tie me up / I tend to learn the hard way you can’t live life reading between the lines / You can’t see beauty between the blinds / And if you would be so kind I could always use a reminder what’s important / I’m miserable sometimes too / I’ve thought long and hard about how to die / And why not let go of the wheel, smile, wait for the other side / After all the stories we’ve been told it can still be Heaven for you and I