Happy Belated Earth Day

by Tir Asleen

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released August 19, 2016

Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Webb of Nightowl Studio at Andy's Place in Rome, GA and Gammy's cabin in Ocoee, TN. (Nightowljwebb@gmail.com)

Additional vocal recording by Austen Earp in Rome, GA.

Artwork by Dan "You'll Never Know My Birthday" Haight at Shotgun Art (www.shotgunmanagement.com)



all rights reserved


Tir Asleen Calhoun, Georgia

Five noble knights from a far away land on a sacred quest to bring the noise.

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Track Name: Happy Belated Earth Day, Horse Man
I am a bullet that never stops
Shot straight through the core of the earth
There are only 300 lions left
So what are lion tamers worth?

Shadow of industry
Pale hide of Omen's horse
We'll waste away in waves
That last for days and erase course

I am a fire that water cannot quench
Even if oceans conspire
To gallop from their trench

Great steeds of sand and empty sea
Punish me for centuries of greedy deeds that were not all of my means
I am a plate that never rest
(Greed spilling over like water)
Burning forest ever fold into my chest
And it makes my back ache
(Burning us all until we sink)

I am a warhead that never stops impacting
Somewhere I am always breathing
Permanent reaction yet
Something here's not adding up
Someone unseen must be subtracting
And when I die
I long to find that everyone’s been acting out
The parts we wrote for our own souls
Feet firmly planted where we planned
No longer concerned with how the other hand is turned
And trying to break
The fingers on the other hand

Would it be so bad without all of this?
Ha ha ha ha ha
Track Name: White Window
Ivory tower State of Mind
Only when you look is when you'll find
Stay strong; keep on the grind
Nothing comes easy
Ask those who died
Last night in a fight
For what I already have

I see it all through my white window
Love is quick but change comes slow
Shaking my head at things I've seem
Tears from tear gas on my TV screen

Some says its ignorance
I call it profound
Shouldn't have to stand under that flag
To stand your ground

23 hours yields another name
Another black pawn tipped
In a white king's game
Nothing to lose
Everything to gain
History's mark is today's blood stain

I see it all through my white window
Love is quick but change comes slow
Shaking my head at things I've seem
Tears from tear gas on my TV screen

Some says its ignorance
I call it profound
Shouldn't have to stand on that flag
To stand our ground

An endless row of names carved into obsidian skin through violence
A paper thin list with red ink washed away whose only monument is silence

An endless row of fields always sewn the same will never yield a different harvest
It's time to call out hate for what it is
No symbols, fears, or martyrs

It's not my place but I have to say
I can't look the other way
How can you look the other way?
Track Name: Roswell, New Hexico
Sun's already up
Only light's 8 minutes late
As fission crawls fiery fingers across this desert state (of mind) where every mile marker passed turns all that's black to glass
I stare straight into the mirror face to face with my mask

Flail into a panic
Try to find the pattern
That is weaved into the fabric
Of your favorite jacket
It may seem like madness
But you'll find gladness
Sewn with threads through
Familiar patches

There is gold there that knows my name
But no matter how far I've gone
(Start it over again)
I know from whence I came
(Trade it all for a friend)
The face to blame is my own
(One that makes life seem less overrated)
This feeling isn't home


A familiar illusion
Stuck between REM sleep and a hard place
With a simple solution in which you try to turn the card face
Only to find
It's for another hand
The one that's coming up and leaves you
Thinking it's always brighter on the other side
Of my eyelids when both worlds of these collide
And no matter where I ride
I see all that I find there is still reality
Track Name: Patterns
Thought I was a stone
Turns out I was a board
On some sinking ship far from the shore
I let the waves carry me away
Tear me apart and take me to some distance place
Where I often dream that I'm floating through space
Where I know who I am and leaving no trace of who I was
Or who I thought I could be
I sit back, relax, and let the current carry me
As the strings that I pull softly lull me to sleep

And when the sun goes down
I will chase myself in dreams
Wondering when I’ll be found
And that will happen over again and again
Until I find myself
It never ends

Thought I was stoned
It turns out I was bored with
Every sinking feeling
That clings to this chord
So I made a promise
To try and get better
I wrote these words
On the back if a letter that says:
"Seems like yesterday the chill was hanging our breath in the air
Yet today I saw the sun drying your hair
We are more than dotted lines in maps
Picture perfect reality ever avoiding traps"

I thought I’d have more time, I thought I’d have more time
I thought I’d have more time to reawaken and realize
I thought I’d have more time to rearrange the lines

Seven years ago a separate set of cells
Walked through these same hallways
To a different hell
But now I hear a ringing as clear as a bell
It's chiming in to say that all is well
It’s love! It’s love! It’s love!
It’s always been love
That binds our existence
Below and above
Though we think we’re whole
We live in fragments, memory’s shattered hopes
And though we think we’re souls
We’re more like patterns but much finer sewn
(And I took a look inside myself, to find that I was someone else)